Intelligent Home Malting Equipment

Giving You Creative Control in Your Brewing – from Field to Glass.

Move over All Grain, the future of beer starts with Seeds.

Seed Brewing Means
Home Malting + Home Brewing

Make unique, high quality malts at home using Sprowt Home Malting Equipment.
Then use your malt to create beers the world has never tasted.

There Are
Types of Commercially Malted Seeds: Barley, Wheat, Rye, Corn, and Oats

The Reinvention of Beer

Craft Beer is thanks to home brewers rediscovering brewing, and reinventing beer through their creativity, persistence, and collaboration. Now it’s time for home brewers to take the natural next step, and rediscover malting.

Beer is about to be reinvented in a big way, again.

There Are At Least
Types of Malt-able Seeds, not including unique varieties within each type

Flavorful, Sustainable Seeds to Your Doorstep

Sprowt supplies unique, local, heritage, organic, or gluten-free seed direct to you for use in your Sprowt Home Malting Equipment, like this Chevalier barley last enjoyed in Victorian brews.

The future of beer is coming, don’t you want to take a sip?