Chit #00: The Clipper Cleaner

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The Chit #00

Small Talk ~~ Malt Talk

The Clipper Cleaner:
Step 5 in Processing Grain to Beer


Grain is dirty after it’s harvested, and full of chaff (the husk, straw, and other material separated during threshing), stalk, dust, and small rocks.

We use the classic machine for cleaning this material out –
a Clipper Seed Cleaner from A.T. Ferrell Co.

All the grain we sell with the personal malthouse is pre-cleaned on a Clipper.

These bad boys have been built since 1891 in Saginaw, MI.

We’ve got a tiny “table-top” version, with a beautiful, manual controller of air flow.

We’re working to make malt and malting accessible to brewers.

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