What we do

We build small-scale equipment for processing the grains farmers grow into the ingredients brewers use. We’re also reviving heritage grain varieties and offering an alternative to commodity markets by bridging the gap between local farmers and brewers from field to glass.

Local beer and local agriculture are built on the same values, but right now they aren’t connected. Our farming landscape is dominated by grain farming, and our local food conversation is dominated by vegetables. Grain is the key to leveraging the excitement for local beer to support local, sustainable ag. We think it’s time to focus on local grains, and we are building the tools to make them relevant. We are based in Minnesota.

Who we are

Christopher Abbott


Christopher Abbott is a dreamer and generalist. He likes to say "yes," especially when milkweed, hot sauce, and/or golden-doodle puppies are involved. He's fascinated (and a bit overwhelmed) by how the world works, and is working to help solve agricultural, ecological, and economic challenges.

Christopher spends his free time with family and friends, cooking, making things, and getting outside. He's a board member of Renewing the Countryside.

Brian Hedberg


Brian is a nerdy guy who likes to cook, go dancing, and play soccer. He loves mustard, apples, and peanut butter – often together.

Before Sprowt, he spent several years in the software industry, most recently working as an engineer for 18F, a highly-regarded digital consultancy inside the White House.

Our Community

We've received overwelming support from our community.
  • Family & Friends
  • Protolabs
  • SolidWorks Alignex
  • Colby College
  • Univerity of Minnesota
  • Spring Wind Farm
  • SEEDS Farm
  • Mark Emmons
  • Scott Northuis
  • Harry Harlan
  • William Toft
  • Justin Sengly Design
  • Robbie Seltzer Design
  • Gustav Hoiland Photography
  • More ...

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