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Precise Climate Control

The secret to malting is giving your grain the proper cavelike environment to promote even germination. It’s not as simple as malting in a cave though.

Seeds are living, breathing things - if you’re not careful, they can get out of your control quickly. Our technology responds to what is currently happening in the grain bed and keeps the seeds happy from steep-in to kiln-out.

Automation Meets Craftsmanship

Brewing takes several hours, but malting takes a whole week. If you’re a person who works or sleeps, you don’t want to babysit your grain 24/7 – let your personal malthouse do it for you.

You get to participate in the craft of malting, not the labor. Check on your grain once a day and use your senses to evaluate its progress.

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Simple Interaction

Whether you’re using a recipe or experimenting with your own, you can rely on our software to track and use data to make high-quality, consistent malt every time.

It’s WiFi connected, so even when you’re not there, you can still check on it - just log into our web app and check out live malting data.

Multiple Uses

Our climate control is powerful technology that can be applied to your brewery’s fermentation and hop processing.

Ditch the fridge, input a dynamic fermentation schedule online, and let our technology control the temp of your fermenting ales or lagers.

Dump in your freshly harvested hops and dry them perfectly to maximize hop oil content.

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    Create novel, experimental malts. Finally gain creative control from seed to glass.
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    Develop new recipes or analyze grain lots without wasting significant grain.
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    Nano Brewers & Distillers

    Vertically integrate. Stand out with truly unique beers or spirits.
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    Craft Brewers & Distillers

    Dig into and refine your supply chain in a way you've never been able to.
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    Run your own experiments, engage students in interdisciplenary work, and connect with brewers and farmers in your community.